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Katie Stump Singer-songwriter
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About Katie

Born and raised in Fullerton California, Katie grew up in a musical family, and was encouraged to pursue music at a young age. Now with over 200 written songs, 2 full-length produced albums, a Global Music Award, and ranking in ReverbNation's top 10 singer-songwriters in L.A., 21-year-old Katie Stump is quickly proving her worth amongst the most prolific singers and songwriters of today. Drawing from both pop and country/folk influences, her honest lyrics and vibrant melodies create a unique experience that pulls the listener into the beauty and vulnerability of the heart.

Currently a senior in USC's exclusive Popular Music Program, she can be found performing her original music in a variety of venues throughout the L.A. & Orange County area, including the House Of Blues, Room 5, Witzend, and many more.

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'Puzzle Pieces' Album Review:

Rising to the top of today's commercial music talent pool is a refreshing album that breathes an honest air of vulnerable storytelling. Puzzle Pieces, the sophomore release from Los Angeles singer/songwriter Katie Stump, is a remarkable expression of the soul that asks us to think, feel and love a little deeper than before. As an independent artist, she is cleverly carving out her own creative space and rendering an authentic collection of songs that tug relentlessly at the heart and all of its proverbial strings. Playful, inspiring, heartfelt and thought provoking, she connects with us and beckons us to connect with her.

Engaging at every turn, this album takes us on a ride that pulls us to pieces, puts us together and has us begging for more. Our world view is turned right-side up in songs like “Ferris Wheel” and “Today,” as she takes us by the hand and puts our lost and weary souls back on the path that leads to home. In “Fly,” with trademark optimism, she explores life’s challenges, the fears of facing them, and the way they shape who we are; appealing to our need to face misfortune and persevere with courage and hope. “Chasing Summer” teaches us to appreciate the little things, protect the moments that are good, and never stop embracing life to it’s fullest. The title cut, “Puzzle Pieces”, cherishes the unforgettable moment, when by chance and beyond any doubt, we find that our missing piece is at the heart of the one we love. Puzzle Pieces is a life-affirming body of work that refreshes and lifts our spirits to new heights.

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