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A Place Where I Belong

B major | 72 bpm | Pop/Folk | Written by Katie Stump and Tom Goff

License Song

Verse 1
These times are getting harder
The loving in the world is wearing thin
And we're running round in circles
Trying to find a place we can begin

The wind keeps trying to help me find my way
Although I don't know why
But somehow being here with you
Just makes it all alright

Pre Chorus 1
You give me what I've wanted all along

A place where I belong

Verse 2
Some need fancy cars and diamond rings
To know that they are loved
But all I need from you is who you are
And that's more than enough

Pre Chorus 2
Cause oh, your love, it makes me strong

Verse 3
If there's anything that I could ask of you
Just promise me one thing
That through the darkest days and through the night
You'll be here next to me