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Beautiful Life

C major | 126 bpm | Pop

License Song

Verse 1
You can catch a falling star.
Hold it right against your heart
for the times when your dreams just fall apart.
Hold it close, hold it tight.
Let it keep on shining bright.
There'll be nothing to worry 'bout tonight.

Oh, it's a beautiful life.
Oh, it's a beautiful life.
You can wish on that falling star tonight.
But oh, it's a beautiful life.

Verse 2
Nestled high above the trees.
Looking out onto the sea,
where nothing but peace can capture me.
As I take a look around,
there's nothing left to cry about.
My troubles have gone without a sound.

So when those troubles come around,
and take your dreams straight to the ground,
remember everything about this life that makes you sing.