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Between The Raindrops

C# major | 133 bpm | Pop

License Song

Verse 1
Stand a little closer now my dear
Somehow my lack of focus makes this clear
We’ll dance between the raindrops you and me
And then one day I hope that you can see

Pre Chorus
Sing it la-da-d-da da-da-da di-d-da da-da-da-da-a

I’ve been waiting far too long for you to come around
And I’ve been searching far too far and now you’re finally found
But wait a minute I can see it in your eyes and I don’t want to
Waste another moment in this empty hollow surprise
So please be mine

Verse 2
Stand between the raindrops you and me
And I can see the way you look at me
But don’t you ever wonder what this could be
So stand a little closer set me free

Before I move my lips to speak
We share a kiss between the raindrops, you and me