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Chasing Summer

G major | 82 bpm | Pop

License Song

Verse 1
Watch the sun shine through the trees
Sit back, feel that ocean breeze
The air has never smelled so sweet
And there's no place I'd rather be

Pre Chorus
Summer is calling out my name
And I will never never be the same

Take me far away and take me there to stay
I will be chasing summer everywhere I go
Keep the sun up high and shining in the sky
I'll just pretend that I won't let the summer end

Verse 2
So I'll just put the cold on hold
And keep on watching flowers grow
No one tell me I'm too old
To like to feel the mud between my toes

Sunshine keep on shining, keep on shining
Sunshine keep on shining, keep on shining
You keep on shining, keep on shine shine shine