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G major | 63 bpm | Pop

License Song

Verse 1
There's a boy sitting next to me
And he's got no feet on the ground
A chair with wheels supports his broken wings
And he moves on without a sound

Pre Chorus
He said, "Life is what you make of all the time you have
And you can find a way to make it last."

And he told me life rolls on and that all you need to keep you strong
Is everything you thought you had to hide
And I wish that I could be anywhere but here and that I could see
That everything is easy if you try.
But if you can't learn to walk, you learn to fly.

Verse 2
His frame of mind and his certain way of living
Are something I can't understand
But this chair with wheels doesn't stop this boy from flying
Across the waves into the sand

Pre Chorus
The challenges you face will make you who you are
The chances that you take Will fill your heart

Fly high,
Oh fly, fly just spread your wings and fly

But if you can't learn to walk,
Oh if you can't learn to walk
If you can't learn to walk
You learn to fly.