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Hide and Seek

A major | 90 bpm | Pop/Soul

License Song

Verse 1
You've been in my dreams like a fairytale since I
Was just a little girl
Knight in shining armor sweep me up right off my feet
And give me all your world

Wondering if you were ever maybe on my street
Or in my own backyard
Just around the corner from
The tiny little pieces of my heart

Pre Chorus
Ready or not I'm coming baby

Come out, come out, wherever you are
Come on, come on, just be the one that I need.
No use in wasting our precious time
Come on, come on, quit playing hide and seek
Baby, quit hiding from me.

Verse 2
Don't you know that I've been waiting for ya
All my life all my life now.
And love is more than just a childish game
Where at least I know who I'm supposed to find