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I Choose You (Oh What I'd Do)

D major | 155 bpm | Pop/Country

License Song

Verse 1
You take me back
Quite a long ways
To moments of innocence
When nothing seemed to change
A little love and a band aid
Could fix most anything
But then came the day when
I didn't recognize a thing

You set my heart on fire
Lookin in your eyes
I never thought that I
Could feel so alive
I may not know you well
Oh but time will tell
That it's true
I choose you

Chorus Vamp
Oh what I'd do
Darlin for you
Oh what I'd do
Darlin for you

Verse 3
Love is a game
That no one knows how to play
Seems like the rule book
Got lost along the way
Oh but my darlin
I gotta say
You sure make it easy


Verse 4
There's nothing I want
Nothing I could ever do
That could even begin
To compare to you
When it comes right down
To the truth
I will always choose you
Will you choose me too