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I Told You So

Db/C# | 73 bpm | Pop/Folk

License Song

Verse 1
You say you never get it right.
It feels like love keeps hiding, staying out of sight.
Why do I feel so unlucky?
How can I even know it's true?

Pre Chorus
Well I got some news for you, little honey:
You can't find love, no, it finds you.

And someday you'll find a man to stand beside you.
Someday, he'll always make you smile.
Someday, when you walk down the aisle,
I promise I'll be there to let you know
that I love you both, and say "I Told You So.”

Verse 2
So if someone tries to take you down,
And breaks your heart to pieces, throws it to the ground.
Then be strong and lay your head to rest,
And remember what I've said.

Jekyll and Hyde can't stop this girl from finding what she wants.
Those boys that try to take her heart apart, well they don't know just
what they're missing, what they're losing.
You have got a wonderful heart and they can't see it. Please believe it.