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I Wanna Say I Love You

G major | 69 bpm | Pop/Folk

License Song

Verse 1
One woven blanket
And long sleepless nights
Losing track of minutes
Getting lost in your eyes
I swear I've wanted to say it
So many times before
But the sun
Comes creepin up
Before I can be sure

I wanna say I love you
It's killin me inside
I wanna say I love you
But I'm scared to death to try
I wanna say I love you
and watch our dreams come true
Oh but what happens if I do

Verse 2
You could answer with a kiss
And spin the conversation wheel
You could whisper that you love me back
Or run because it's real
You could hang all your intentions
Behind a broken beaten heart
Or you could love me from the start

If I say it
If I mean it
Then there's just no turning back
Gotta live it
Gotta breathe it
If there's hope for it to last
If I say it
If I mean it
Oh and you don't love me back
Well then where do we stand?