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Puzzle Pieces

Bb major | 130 bpm | Pop

License Song

Verse 1
Your breath
On my skin.
Your smile
That brings me home again.
And your lips
That take me to another world. Your words
That tell me I'm your only girl.

Pre Chorus 1
No I can't deny
The magic in your eyes.

Cause your hand fits into mine
Like a beat in perfect time.
And there's just no reason why.
I know it's right, I know it's right.
Your love is sweetest, cause we just fit like puzzle pieces.
No releasing. Cause maybe we are each other's missing piece.

Verse 2
Your hands
Pull me in.
Feel the touch
Of your sweet fingertips
On my heart.
I know no matter where you are, I've got
An everlasting shining star.

Pre Chorus 2
Those lovely evening skies
Are always on my mind.

We just fit like puzzle pieces.
All this armor, we don't need it.
We just fit like perfect pieces.
Oh, we just fit like puzzle pieces.
One without the other's needing
and something more and just can't reach it,
when we're just pieces.