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Remember Me

A minor | 88 bpm | Pop

License Song

Verse 1
You can't take the long way home
If you plan to take it all alone
Through sun and through the snow
Loneliness is the longest road

The northern pines call out to me
Trying to bring me back on one last breeze
But something tells me what I need
Is hidden in somewhere deep in these southern trees

Pre Chorus 1
Singing oh, oh

3,000 miles from where I want to be
A beating heart that’s living in a memory
The night is dark and you are all I see
So please
Remember me

Verse 2
I saw the green on the other side
Getting so caught up in this dream of mine
Thought I could leave it all behind
Without a second look to ever wonder why

I took my chance at a brand new life
Packed my bags with no goodbye
Built a pair of wings and I
Honestly thought that I could fly

Pre Chorus 2
But no

Even after all this time
I'm still haunted by your bright blue eyes
I can't forget the way they shine
No matter how hard I try

Oh, no, oh

Alt Chorus
3,000 miles without you next to me
The northern lights are nothing but a memory
I hear your voice in this melody
So, please remember me