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?? major | 90 bpm | Pop

License Song

Verse 1
I look at the clock, it's 6am on a Friday morning, I'm lying in my bed
Wondering where all those hours went
Thinking about you is so easy when I'm trying not to focus on getting to sleep
But now you've got me

Pre Chorus
Now I'm restless thinking about you
Oh, I'm desperate finding the truth

Cause baby you’ve got me on a thread
You're hanging me so far off the edge
I'm waiting for love to come and catch me when I fall
Hoping I will fall into your arms

Verse 2
When I wake up I feel you shine in the break of day or the dead of night
I hope you know I feel it too I hope you know that I love you

Pre Chorus
Now I'm restless trying to hold you
And I'm desperate trying to love you

So I'll pick up the phone and call tonight and
I hope you see my smile shining so bright
When you say you're restless thinking about me
And you're speechless when you say you love me