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Running on Empty

D major | 121 bpm | Pop/Country

License Song

Verse 1
I liked it better when I had you on my side when I
Didn't have to push and pull to hear that I was right
I try to make the best of everything I know I got
But all these rules and competition's got me
Wonderin' where it all went wrong

Verse 2
What happened to the foolish lies and compliments
And my fingers round your neck
Kisses under candlelight, not caring what came next.
No, I can't turn the clock to back when we knew things were good
But I sure wish I could
I sure wish I could

Cause I
Will give a little more give a little more
Oh, but I
Just can't do this anymore cause
I'm already running on empty
I’m Running on empty
I’m Running on empty
I’m Running on empty

Verse 3
Now I know there've been some things you said
That I deserved to hear
But I'm done with putting up with all this poison in my ears
Tell me what you plan to do to pull us out of the unknown
Cause I'd sure like to know
I'd sure like to know

Pictures of the past in their pretty little frames
Won't be meant to last if we let them go to waste
I'll do all I can to bring us both back home
But I can't do it alone
I won't do it alone