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A minor | 78 bpm | Pop

License Song

Verse 1
Take a load off in the spring take a load off in the winter
I know we can make it through if you step a little closer
You know I
I, won't give it up

Pre Chorus 1
All the world's on fire
All the world's ablaze
Go on, take it higher
Deep into the haze

Can you hear the wind call out to you
Calling in the shadows of the moon
As you're waiting for the dawn
To come for you

Verse 2
I'll be there until the end if the world should be permitting
No more time to second guess no more time to think of quitting
You know I
I won't give it up

Pre Chorus 2
There's no time left to wonder
Nothing more to say
So go on, take it higher
Set this world ablaze

I won't rest
I will give my best
Till I've found
That you are safe and sound