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Spring Cleaning

A major | 72 bpm | Pop

License Song

Verse 1
It's almost summertime
Strawberries hangin on the vines
People laughing with their windows all rolled down
Hear them talking as my thoughts can't help but shout

Pre Chorus
But it's time for peace of mind

So I'll pack away my memories in a cardboard box
Lock it up and throw away the key
I'll tear apart the pieces of the love I thought
Could only be the very best of me
It's about time I did a little
Spring cleaning

Verse 2
I don't think you know
But you left your dark gray sweater here at home
Before that winter when you walked right out my door
Just like that sweater you don't need me anymore

Your memory stains with all these shades
Of gray
And now it's time to throw them all
Away away away