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Star Song

F major | 90 bpm | Pop/Folk

License Song

Starin at the stars
Wondering which one you are
I'll bet all my dollars you're that
Diamond shining brighter than the moon
Whatever constellation you call home
I know that I will share it with you soon
Until then I'll sing my star song for you

Though I can't see it with my eyes
I bet you're makin music in the sky
I'm living in your melodies
Just like the ones we used to sing
Though I miss your little tunes
I can write my own and think of you
I'll sing my star song for you

Ooh ooh ooh

I miss the way you'd read to me
And carry me to sleep
Sunny summer afternoon
Big back yard just me and you all day
If I could bring you back just once
I don't have a clue what I would say

But I know what I'd do
I'd sing my star song
For you
My star song
For you