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Co-written by Katie Stump, Jason Afable, Richard George Harris
F major | 74 bpm | Pop

License Song

Verse 1
Played it cool
Never put my heart on the line
Was the first one to speak my mind
I was doin fine on my own
Had my doubts about love but you got me believing

But then you
Took all of the words in my mouth
Shuffled the letters around
Turned my thoughts to scrabble tiles that just won't line up

Pre Chorus
And oh I wonder if you know

My tongue is tied up like the laces on my sneakers
Butterflies flying like they got somewhere to be and
Don't wanna let it show
I been running round in circles putting two and two together
Trying to figure out if you've been thinking bout forever
You've got me twenty kinds of flustered
And I st-st-stutter

Verse 2
Now I
Wanna tell you what I'm feelin inside
Been runnin my lines all night
I wanna say I love you but the words don't come out right
And it just sounds like I la, la la la