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The Other Half of You

Eb major | 75 bpm | Pop/Country

License Song

Verse 1
You be the summer shade
Beneath the old elm tree
I'll be the sparrow
Singin through the leaves

You be the blue sky
Peeking through the clouds
I'll be the sunshine
That's beaming down

You're the name that's written on the back of my heart
The sweet new wheels on my getaway car
Ooh, ooh
You're the foot-tappin rhythm to a sweet love song
I'll be the melody you're singin all night long
Ooh, ooh
And no matter where we end up, least for now I know it's true
That I get to be
The other half of you

Verse 2
You be the ying
I'll be the yang
You be my stud muffin
I'll be your pretty thang

You'll be the peanut butter
I'll be the jam
Wherever you're at baby That's exactly where I am

And I won't be lettin go
Anytime soon
No I don't want just a little,
I want all of you
But for right now baby you
And your better half will do