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Treasure Map

Co-written by Katie Stump, Jason Afable
F# major | 77 bpm | Pop/Country

License Song

Verse 1
It's too dry in California
The winter's blow too cold back east
I've never been to Oklahoma
But I'm sure it's not the place for me

A thousand miles without a compass
Looking for a place that feels like home
But I was always missing something
Till you came along


Plot a course on truck stop napkins
Chase the sun like reckless bandits
Find the fastest way to get off track
And if we wind up stuck in Nowhere, Texas,
Stop and ask for bad directions
As long as I can end up where you're at
It's just you and me and this homemade treasure map

Verse 2
So I'll keep my toothbrush in the glove box
And you keep your eyes on the road
Make believe that every rest stop
Is the only place we want to go

Cross my heart or cross the country
Don't need fame and don't need money
Cuz honey no matter what I do
This treasure map leads me back to you