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Your Baby Girl

G major | 83 bpm | Pop

License Song

Verse 1
A little more than nineteen years ago A little girl named Katie Rose
Was born into a loving family
She had long blonde hair and bright blue eyes And anything could make her smile
I think by now you've guessed, this girl was me

Pre Chorus 1
And I never knew just how lucky I would be
To have a mother like I do who is always there for me

From the zillions of pictures that you take to the way you work that microwave,
There is truly no one else like you
You make me feel like I'm so cool You got a way with finding people that you knew from elementary school
All over the world
I love you and you know I'll always be Your baby girl

Verse 2
I still remember all those good old days When you would take me out to play
and water all your flowers in the yard
We had sunflower huts and big fruit trees and the occasional, obnoxious weed
But all was well when all was said and done

Pre Chorus 2
And now I’m pretty sure that I've never met someone
Who could be digging in the dirt and be having so much fun

I know USC may seem really far away
40 miles, to be exact, but that's okay
Cuz don't you know the fact is
That I'd go every mile
I'd sit through LA traffic
Just to see you smile.

Your baby girl
Your baby girl